Turning Our Personal Heroes into Celebrity Chefs

When you love games as much as the Cat Duo team does, your hero-worship starts looking a little different. Our free time is best spent painting Warhammer 40K armies and deck-tuning MTG (Magic: The Gathering), so you can imagine how

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Is “Indie” an Abused Label?

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Originally posted on Nerdy But Flirty:
A recent conversation with RetroGamerProblems on Twitter brought up an interesting topic for me: labeling yourself as an “indie” designer/studio. First, we have to ask ourselves: what does this label mean exactly? Does it simply mean…

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Getting Facebook integration started

Social media is not longer a buzz phrase. Many of the most popular apps and games could have not achieved virality and success without it. In fact, social integration is so commonplace that modern, well written apps will almost always have it.

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Game Update: ShakeItRock

We brainstormed this idea and contracted out an artist for a few assets and to add to the theme. ShakeItRock will be a mini-game that will demonstrate an accelerometer-based control scheme that combines the mobile mechanics of Tap Tap Revenge with the

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Cat Duo Jovios Controller Introduction

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